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Monday, March 9th 2009

8:48 PM

Meetin' The League

Last Saturday me and my bud-of-buds, Jillian Sosuemee, took a road trip through the treacherous 405 to Tukwila to visit a bookstore. It was a good 65 miles of stop-and-go traffic, snow flurries, and the occasional siren from a racing Stater and for what? To meet Mark Henry, Caitlin Kittredge, and Lauran Dane. Mark and Caitlin are regs at the League of Reluctant Adults but Lauran was unknown to me. Stupid me. Jill straightened me out on her list of published works in the romance and associated genres. Cool!

Well, after standing around for a few, gathering up some nerve and sifting through the questions I needed answered to get my butt back into writing, I stepped forward and met the group. And what an awesome bunch!

All had some wonderful insights into the field of publishing and their rules to live by. What rules? Like "stop being your own worst critic", and "never censor yourself". Both are my worst enemies and easier wrangled then taking down a herde of steroid-injected brahma bulls. (is that how you spell it?)

Nonetheless, the time was well spent, the advice was warrented and needed, and we had a blast. Thank you Leaguers!

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Tuesday, February 17th 2009

8:10 PM

Frankenstein: Dead And Alive

It's been awhile as Aron Lewis has crooned. Several years ago Dean Koontz set out to fix a story-turned-TV movie he wasn't one-hundred percent on. That was Frankenstein: Prodigal Son. I picked it up at a Target one day and devoured it in just few more. I love the old movie monsters and when someone takes them and adds a clever spin I love it even more. Dean did just that.

He, with author's Kevin Anderson and Ed Gorman, spun two terrific books ( the ladder titled City of Night) and then dropped the readers into limbo by holding out on crafting the third book, Dead and Alive. Its release was marred by the devistation of Hurricane Katrina and since the story took place in New Orleans, Dean felt awkward publishing it. Then he revealed that he had trouble collaberating on the project. No, not the "those hacks couldn't write their way out of a wet paper bag" trouble but a self realization that he's a hard man to work with and he is his own worst critic. And that every time he sat down to work on the story he couldn't refrain from tweaking it... horrendously.

Still, he promised to finish the series and hopefully by this spring. I'll be in line as soon as it hits print, that's for sure, but I won't go on line and bad mouth the man for taking his time. Others have. It's a free country and we're allowed to say what we will but to piss and moan about an author taking his time on a project or focusing on others comes across as petty and damned stupid. Well, such is life.

Again, when you finally finish that book, Dean, I'll be glad to throw down the cash and will love every page of it. Could you just give us a hint as too how long? Maybe a taste? A teaser? I'm on my knees here.

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Wednesday, December 3rd 2008

8:05 PM

Buy Some Books!!!

(Note: I had more to this pots. like pointing out that I got the idea from Jaye Wells over at the League but stupid me, I screwed up the post. Oh well, live and learn.)

Okay, so I made Jaye sound a little desperate but hear me out.

As the economy takes a down turn, we find ourselves making cuts in those expenses we indulged in freely before. Gone are the super-grande white chocolate, hazelnut mochas. So good-bye to the half-hour back massage and facial. No more skipping home cooked meals in place of a trip to Jack In The Box for surloin steak breakfast burritos. It sucks but we have to make the cuts. But that doesn't mean that we have to totally cut out those little things that bring us pleasure... like a book.

Sure you can go to the library and hope to find something new and interesting. And isn't dog-earred or Coke-stained. Or you can head out and purchase the exact title you've been looking for from the hot series you've been following, or from a new author that caught your attention. You see, publishers are becoming less reluctant to take a chance on a new author or promoting an existing one if no one is buying the books. Retailers will stop displaying mass-market fiction and stocking the shelves. It sounds a little ugly but true.

If we pay attention to our spending habits and make allowances for the occasional extra we can help the economy and even keep that author in a job suspending our disbelief. I've got my extra cash put aside for a couple of titles I've been eyeballing for several months. Now is the time to pick them up and enjoy. Maybe buy some spec fic as stocking stuffers. Buy a book - your brain will thank you for it.


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Friday, October 17th 2008

3:56 PM

New "New" Star Trek Pics!

EW Online has some great shots from JJ Abrams Star Trek opus. They're mostly cast shots from the movie but they look awesome. Zach Quinto is a dead on Mr. Spock and Karl Urban has transformed from action-movie badass to a rather pensive Dr. McCoy. I was worried about him because he stands out as such a gun-toting, sword-swinging whirlwind of violence. From the Borne Supremacy to the Lord of the Rings trilogy to the Chronicles of Riddick, Urban has been a brooding screen presense. He's good so I trust him to shine.

John Cho and Simon Pegg appear to fit their parts quite well and there's also a great shot of Eric Bana as the Romulan villain Nero. Love the tattoos!

This is one of my must see movies for next year!!!

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Thursday, October 16th 2008

4:24 PM

Look Out Webheads Cause Spidey Will Return!

MTV caught up with director Sam Raimi and got his take on the future of the Spider-Man franchise. Read the interview here!
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Monday, October 13th 2008

7:35 AM

Tonight On Heroes - Angels And Monsters

Here's the NBC blurb for tonights episode. Also, don't panic: the time listed doesn't match up with the scheduled programming. Heroes will be on at 9pm pacific time.
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Sunday, October 12th 2008

8:25 AM

Happy Birthday, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman turns 40 today. The actor who gave the adamantium-clawed, cigar-smoking bad boy a screen presense that undeniably sold movie goers throughout the world has hit another milestone. In a little under a decade he has become a household name and a force to be reckoned with. And next year we'll get to see him push the feral mutant a little farther in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Happy birthday, Hugh! 

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Saturday, October 11th 2008

8:29 AM

Greywalker by Kat Richardson

Greywalker by Kat Richardson

(From the back cover of the book)

"Harper Blaine was slogging along as a small-time PI when a two-bit perp's savage assault left her for dead.

For two minutes, to be precies.

When harper came to in the hospital, she begins to feel a bit... strange, She sees things that can only be described as weird - shapes emerging from a foggy grey mist, snarling teeth, creatures roaring."

Greywalker thrusts Harper from a a world of folks looking for lost loved ones and family heirlooms into a nightmare realm of ghosts, witches and vampires. The book starts right off with Harper's assault and builds into a roil of intrigue, darkness, and horror.

Harper is a delightful character. Not easliy swayed over by her new-found gifts - or curse as she would describe it - she struggles with trying to lead a normal life as the abnormal slams against the walls of reason. She's strong, pragmatic, and at the same time very vulnerable. She's a very appealing character.

the supporting cast are fun and diverse; from an eclectic techno-geek to a husband/ wife team that live and love functionally on both sides of the "real/ unreal" coin to a host of vampires that for the first time in ages actually left me with chills. Vamps have been protrayed as slightly more or less then human for so long that I've grown jaded to their existance. Kat's vampires are dark, violent forces that make you want to run for the nearest church and bathe in a pool of garlic. Not that those trappings appear in the novel, just my reaction.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good detective story and the Urban Fantasy genre. It has it all and more. I'm looking forward to reading more of Harper's cases and the creatrues living along side the Grey.

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Thursday, October 9th 2008

8:29 PM

More From The Set Of Smallville

Buddy TV wrapped up their Smallville interviews with newest badgirl, Tess Mercer played by Cassidy Freeman. They've got plenty of other interviews with the cast and a few spoilers in case you can't wait. 
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Tuesday, October 7th 2008

5:57 PM

Smallville Sneak Peak

Buddy TV as a breakdown of the coming episodes of Smallville so if you're into a little spoilage you can follow the link and get a heads up on the rest of the class. But ,et me repeat: These are spoilers so don't check it out if you aren't into ruining the surprise.
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Tuesday, October 7th 2008

4:56 AM

Sleek And Sexy Superheroes

Harry Markov of Urban Fantasy Land pooled a list together just for the boys. He presented the top ten female heroes that made the leap from comic to movie. It's an interesting list with some zesty gals you wouldn't want to pick a fight with to be sure!
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Monday, October 6th 2008

5:27 AM

Tonight On Heroes - I Am Become Death

Orininally posted at NBC.com/Heroes:


To learn more about tonights episode visit heroes and get ready for a wild ride!

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Friday, October 3rd 2008

5:28 PM

Toxic Review

I know that someone will probably give me one of those “If you think you can write a better show” shout outs but after watching last night’s Smallville, I was very disappointed with the creative folks behind the scenes.

Obviously it was a vehicle to give the new evil tyrant, Tess Mercer, a more human face, establish her background after throwing her at us in the first episode, and ground her in with the existing characters. It helps to give new characters some connection to the existing ones but this time around the whole episode felt overly forced. Not to mention too heavily paced in an attempt to give everyone some screen time.

So Ollie starts the show poisoned, falling about like a drunk. No time wasted here. No setup. No “hey, whatcha up too”. He’s sick and doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Why? He apparently knows he’s poisoned but can’t give anyone the slightest clue as to the origins and antidote. Of course if he did then the episode would end before it started… not really. As the poison takes its course Ollie experiences flashbacks of the island he was stranded on after his parents died. We see him foraging for food and the inevitable making of his first bow, which by the way is followed by the obligatory “Robin Hood” shot of Ollie splitting and arrow in the crude bull’s eye he carved into a tree. Did they have to? Couldn’t we have done without that abused archery trapping?

Remember one of the earlier Ollie episodes from several seasons ago when he was shooting against Lois for a kiss? He was supposed to hit a pop can but looked as if he missed. When Lois walks off we see that he stripped the can of its tab and pegged it to a wall. Now that was cool, showing off his skill and gentlemanly flare without pandering to something unoriginal. That’s good TV.

And did I miss a beard? I know I was in and out of the room several times but for being stuck on the island for two years shouldn’t he have had a bad case of stubble?

The whole Tess thing with her coming across as very caring and compassionate didn’t sell me at all. In fact, her performance was dry and bland as stale toast. I lost interest far too quickly, even though I enjoy the Ollie character plenty. They could have done without the sappy melodrama or gotten deeper into the Ollie/ Mercer relationship but it hit in sporadic jolts that left no time to believe they were more then allies in an act to survive.

We learned how deep their relationship went at the end of the episode, almost like an after thought. Ollie and Tess meet and snap a few lines that let you know they were involved but he cut the ties and now she’s the spurned lover. A little too trite for me.

The one bright spot (Spoiler Warning for anyone not wanting to know or hasn’t already figured it out!)…

Davis Bloom! He’s going to put Clark to the physical test as well as see how far the boy has come. Without naming names, Bloom will evolve into the ultimate threat to Clark and humanity. And the writers are playing it out subtly. Bloom is buddying up with the gang. He’s compassionate. He’s decent. He’s cool and personable. And when he starts to flip it will rock their world!

He puts it to Clark at one point about how Clark is scared, afraid of going too far or letting go. Back in an episode of the Justice League cartoon they explored that notion when Superman confessed about who he felt he lived in a world of cardboard that he feared to knock over. When he finally had a chance to fight a villain that could stand a beating he left all worries behind and kicked some ass! Maybe they’ll travel down that road in Smallvlle. If so, it will be worth the wait.

More episodes like Toxic will surely poison the series.

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Thursday, October 2nd 2008

5:45 PM

Smallville Notes

Tonight on Smallville in an episode titled Toxic, we discover the origins of the emerald archer, Green Arrow. Oliver gets poisoned and flashes back to his time spent stranded on an island. This looks to be fun. I've enjoyed the GA tie in. Years ago, I surmised that a young caped crusader appearing on the show would do well to lead Clark towards the blue tights himself. Seems the execs had a similar idea with the Arrow.

Justin Hartley does a fine job as the playboy turned swashbuckler. His origin tale should be no less interesting.

Also, Buddy TV has several great interviews at their site. Allison Mack stops to talk for a few about Chloe and the evolution of her character. Check it out.

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Wednesday, October 1st 2008

4:53 PM


Thanks to a chance hit by a writer for the Seattle-based site (thanks Kim!) I found a fun site for TV fanatics. Buddy TV is a combination info site and fun fest, loaded with forums, polls, meet-and-greets, trivia, and lots of others that you can sink your teeth into. Kim is currently interviewing the cast of Smallville, which is high on the coolness scale, and will be providing content to the Smallville page.

The site has plenty of other hot shows covered, from 90210 to the Young and the Restless. Or other tastes like Supernatural, Heroes, the Sarah Conner Chronicles, and more. If you're looking for an interactive site to share your love and enthusiasm about TV, this is the place.

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